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3 good reasons to have your readers’ opinions

Should I be interested in my readers’ opinions?
Posting a review on the Internet has become a very common practice for all of us, don’t you think?

And even when we don’t, we are often tempted to look at what other users have said about a particular product.

This is a decisive step, as it generally allows us to validate or not our desire to buy. All we have to do is click on the little basket at the top right of the page and that’s it!

However, when it comes to books, you will tell me that the first and fourth covers are also very important to arouse the reader’s desire. Even when it is not in the bookshop. And you are probably right…

But isn’t it worthwhile to take an interest in the reader who gives his or her opinion?

We’ll give you 3 good reasons why it’s worth taking a look at their feedback 😉

The 3 good reasons to be interested in the opinion of your readers
Good reason n°1: book reviews
Many book social networks have developed on the Internet (Babelio, Livraddict, etc.), and they are real places for readers to express themselves. Reviews are generally written with care, because these readers are keen to share their feelings and their analysis of your book.

For you, this is an opportunity to attract new readers. Having many reviews of the book on social media is important, even if some are bad. Readers like to read testimonials that encourage them to choose your book.

BoD has already given you an overview of social networking sites for readers, and now lists some of the many platforms available:

This might be an opportunity to contact readers and send them a copy of your book 😊 ?

Good reason n°2: to gain visibility
Having reviews on online bookstore sites makes you more accessible to your future readers!

For example, on Instagram, if you want your profile to be more visible, you need several people to follow, like or comment on your photos. Behind the scenes, the algorithm creates links between profiles and presents other users with similar content that might interest them.

In short, the more content there is on your book, the more likely your book will appear in the search engines of your future readers.

This is especially true for Amazon, which also uses algorithms. Your book gets good points if it has reviews. It then moves up in the search engine results.

Encourage your readers to leave reviews
So encourage your readers to leave reviews on online booksellers! Start with those who have already contacted you. Chances are, they will accept.

Good reason 3: Live life to the full as an author
Enjoying your life as an author, and taking on criticism, is also what trains you for your job.

You should not be afraid to take the plunge or to encourage your readers to give their opinion on your book.

Indeed, facing an unpleasant review is something we all go through one day. There will always be someone who likes or dislikes what you do.

This is everyone’s right, and it is important to respect the integrity of others. We don’t like everything either and we are happy to express our opinion without restraint.

Thus, being an author also means facing emotions that can be unpleasant. It is important to learn to see them as temporary, and not to take things personally. It is not a bad opinion that makes you a bad writer or an impostor!

Learn to take the best out of a negative review
If a review seems constructive, even though it is negative, take the good from it. For example, it may highlight a repetition in your writing that needs to be corrected. Or perhaps for your next book, you might consider getting a professional to design your cover.

Make the best of it, and don’t be afraid to respond to a service review, making sure to thank the person for taking the time to read and post a review of your book 😉

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