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The benefits of a spa day – Treat yourself!

There are many benefits to a spa day, both for the body and the mind. You should never feel guilty about treating yourself to a spa day.

The next time you need an excuse (even if you NEVER need an excuse) to go for a spa treatment, pull out this article and share it around so everyone knows that there are LOTS of spa benefits and you’re just trying to enjoy them!

Here are all the reasons why your next trip should be to the spa.
Top benefits:
FRESH SKIN. Your skin will be glowing after a delicious sugar or salt scrub. All dead skin cells will be removed and new, shiny cells will appear.
DESTRESS. Everything in the spa, from the lighting to the treatments, is designed to make you feel calm, relaxed and at ease. After a spa treatment, you’ll be walking on clouds. So if work, relationships or life in general are stressing you out, a day at the spa is just what you need.
DISCONNECT. There’s plenty of time for quiet reflection when you’re in a spa. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by how “connected” we are these days. In a spa, there are usually no phones, no laptops, no Wi-Fi, so you can cut yourself off from the world. Which, these days, is a rare luxury.
BREATHE EASY. The sauna and/or steam room are excellent for respiratory problems. It helps open up your airways, which can help relieve asthma, coughs and colds. So really, you need a spa day, for your health. It’s just science!
RELIEVE ACHES AND PAINS. A good massage can take away aches and pains and help relieve joint pain like arthritis. Just make sure you tell your therapist about any pre-existing conditions before the massage. I think you should treat yourself to a spa day at least once a month (easier if you’re in a cheap country like Indonesia), for the sake of your muscles.
BYE BYE TOXINS. The steam in saunas and steam rooms helps you to sweat out toxins and a massage helps your lymphatic system to flush toxins from your body. A day at the spa is essential when you’ve let yourself go a bit too much! After Christmas, after a birthday, after a weekend, WHATEVER! Go and detox. Just make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards.

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BLOOD CIRCULATION! Massage stimulates blood flow and therefore circulation. It can also help to reduce blood pressure. So if you have circulation problems, you need hands that manipulate your tissues and muscles.
VEINS. Leg massages can help prevent varicose veins. So if you’re on your feet all day at work, you should definitely give yourself a massage for your moving limbs.
TIME TOGETHER. A spa treatment can be a great bonding experience for friends, family and couples. Got a mother-in-law you don’t get along with? Take her for a day at the spa! My boyfriend and I love couples massages. Need an idea for a baby shower? A day at the spa! Honestly, a spa day is usually the answer to all the questions.
CONFIDENCE. A spa experience can build confidence, as you’ll need to get used to being naked. There’s nothing like lying on a therapy table in disposable underwear to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. I used to be scared of the idea of spas. I didn’t like the idea of being naked or semi-naked in a non-private environment. But now, after trying tons of different treatments at spas around the world, I definitely have more confidence in my body.

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